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Designing a “non-medical” health app




colorful vector illustration with hand holding up a welcome sign as cover image

In 2021 we started a collaboration with Healthware International to give life to a one-of-a-kind app. Soturi is an app that helps people with Parkinson’s disease in managing their health day by day. The project has been very challenging. Users want to feel like persons and not patients. So the main goal was to design a health app that didn’t look like a medical app.

several screen showing different sections of the Soturi app
Aurora Design Studio was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an expert partner in product design. They have a keenly unique aesthetic eye and design from the depths of taking a user on a journey of dialoguing with the product for truly impressive impact across product KPIs.

Silja Voolma

Ph.D. Behavioural Scientist

Designing the whole user experience and user interface, we moved forward the idea of a companion app, a daily guide able to support users at all times.

Soturi app welcome screen

We were inspired by nature, and then we added leaves, flowers, abstract and soft shapes, in an attempt to recreate that natural relieving and relaxing sense that a natural environment is able to convey and which is known to be truly beneficial.

Soturi app body scan selection screen
Soturi app screens
Soturi app sign up screens

We intentionally avoided any possible visual reference that could evoke bad sensations or memories in users related to the disease or state of discomfort they may experience.

A custom numeric keyboard and
a special symptom icon system
have been designed.

Soturi app symptom icons
Soturi app illustrations
Soturi app screens

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