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Italian and Egyptian signs in one visual identity



Natastoria Logo

N’atastoria has brought the authentic taste of Italian cuisine to Sharm El Sheik. Locating a business in another country also means integrating with the local culture, respecting its differences, and finding common or similar features. That’s the concept we wanted to translate into design elements.

Project featured in The Best Restaurant Logo Designs by DesignRush

Natastoria wine bottle label

We designed a new system of glyphs and shapes inspired by the sun rays, sea, pyramids, desert dunes, moon, door and window arches, combining them freely with no constraints.

Natastoria coffee packaging
Natastoria coffee packaging gold details

We also added some gold details inspired by Egyptian treasures and artifacts to give some light and preciousness to the products.

Natastoria business cards
Cover of Natastoria restaurant menu
Natastoria restaurant menu internal page
Natastoria restaurant menu main dishes page
back of Natastoria restaurant menu
Natastoria wall design and service icons
Natastoria restaurant coasters