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vector illustration with green heart and abstract graphic elements on dark background as cover image for blood pressure ap

Nuova ux-ui design per gestire la pressione arteriosa con Amicomed

coffee packaging with blue, red and white shapes as cover image for Natastoria branding project

segni italiani ed egiziani in una visual identity

advertising poster on a wall with a bike and a house door as cover image for Liquidhouse project

brand strategy per aiutare le persone a trovare la casa ideale

dark blue background with plant shadow and logo enrica in the certer

creare un'identità per una emergente regista

vector icon for client and collaborator reviews section rapresenting polaroid pictures

Users are consistently delighted by Aurora design and the studio’s work really speaks for itself - there are very few design studios who can take your product to this level of unique aesthetic identity and product impact. Highly recommend the team!

Silja Voolma

Ph.D. Behavioural Scientist

Creative, Passionate and detail-oriented. Francesca and Rosario managed to capture immediately the essence of our products during the first round of iteration. All meetings together with them were learning moments. Working with them was an absolute pleasure.

Maria Frediani

UX Designer

We didn’t pay them
to say that