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New ux-ui design to manage blood pressure with the Amicomed app

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smartphone mockup with amicomed home screen

A new partnership with Healthware International has seen us busy with a complete overhaul of the Amicomed app. Amicomed helps people keep track and control blood pressure and improve their lifestyle thanks to a highly personalized program. We joined the team to deliver an improved user experience and a fully up-to-date interface, as well as the landing page to launch and promote the application.

amicomed home screen amicomed welcome screen
amicomed intro splash screens

In this project, we worked on designing a functional, easy-to-use, convenient, modern, and eye-pleasing health mobile application. Evolving the app feature set, it was crucial developing a user-friendly but also attractive design across all screens. So we created custom icons, illustrations, and graphic elements based on various shapes in a way to give an idea of an organic and deep space.

amicomed heart status icons
amicomed app screens

Amicomed is a highly innovative app, developed by physicians and experts. The goal was therefore to represent and respect its scientific and professional side, while still being able to communicate in a simple, intuitive, and friendly way with people.

amicomed organic graphic elements amicomed measurement history screen

The typography combination of Alegreya Sans as a primary typeface and Work Sans as the supporting typeface keeps the perfect balance of clearness, originality, and friendliness. For numbers, we selected a specific monospace font to increase the readability of blood pressure values.

amicomed font
amicomed app screens

In the process of creating the user interface design, another vital point was the color palette. In order to balance a minimalist, business-like, and tech-oriented style with an engaging and modern style, we extended the brand identity color palette with new chromatic combinations.

amicomed app screens
amicomed app screens
amicomed app screens