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Not just designers. Who are the people behind the name Aurora?

When dealing with social media and the web in general, and therefore also with a remote design studio, we often forget that, beyond the screen, there are people in flesh and blood, also made up of dreams, feelings, ideas, and each one with its own story.

There are so many talented designers, creative studios and communication agencies in the world. How do you choose between one or the other? The decision cannot simply be based on the wallet thickness. Even with the same budget and design skills, personality and empathy come into play and become decisive for the final choice.

It is precisely the features and personal experiences that truly represent and make us unique. Before being designer, we are people.

People choose a brand based on who is able to convey trust or friendliness, or any other feeling they consider positive from their perspective. It is well-known in marketing that a consumer can choose to don’t buy and abandon a product/service if the company betrays trust or does not reflect welcome values.

And this is even more true in the design industry, when buying a product/service actually translates into a real collaboration that can see the parties involved in the same project even for several months. So choosing the people to work with does not only mean evaluating their professionalism and skills, but one must also consider their personality if you want to work in harmony and create a good project.

Sharing values with your clients or whomever you work with is the key to a happy, long-lasting relationship.

And it is according to this logic that we have chosen to tell ourselves in a new way on our website, showing something more than a photo designed for the “About” page and a reductive “job title” unable to contain all the skills owned and acquired over time.

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that there’s Linkedin.

We wanted something that spoke of us as people, not just as a creative studio.

That’s how we’ve decided to call Personality what everyone usually calls the “About/Who we are/Studio” page. Or what is known to everyone as “Portfolio”, for us is nothing more than an expression of our Creativity. The “What we do/Services” page becomes our Expertise. And what should normally be called “Blog/News/Articles/Insights” instead takes the name of Storytelling, a place where the reader can learn about our personal way of telling stories or our outlook on various topics.
We have labeled the pages so that the title itself tells one of our main features. This doesn’t mean having confined them to that page. Each feature is manifested within the whole website.

Aurora is an idea born in 2016 after a journey to Iceland that has deeply changed us and our world perception. Since then, we work to achieve our independence and freedom, and to reconnect to the world, those same emotions that Iceland gave us.

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But Aurora is also Fran and Roy, two people, two individual identities, each with its own temper, passions and experiences. There’s who would play the guitar all day and who loves getting lost in the pages of a fantasy book, who studied art and drawing from an early age, and who lived art at home with a painter dad.

And then there are shared experiences, common interests and loves, such as that for travel and discovery, or that for nature and animals. It is from the union of these differences and affinities, from their constant mix-up, from doing what we love, that come Aurora and the design of our creative projects.

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