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We’re a design studio specialising in visual identities and experiences - from print to packaging to digital products - with a sharp focus on details and an unconventional approach. We develop your uniqueness into tailored solutions and help you shape impactful communication.

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Branding, Packaging, Print materials

Book design, Product design, Events design

UX/UI design, Mobile Apps, Web design

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colorful vector illustration with hand holding up a welcome sign as cover image for Soturi app project

designing a “non–medical” health app

coffee packaging with blue, red and white shapes as cover image for Natastoria branding project

italian and egyptian signs in one visual identity

advertising poster on a wall with a bike and a house door as cover image for Liquidhouse project

New ux-ui design to manage blood pressure with the Amicomed app

dark blue background with plant shadow and logo enrica in the certer

creating an identity for an emerging woman director

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We collaborate with people and brands who engage with an innovative and kind spirit, aware of the value of communicating authentically.

Our creative process follows a flexible but not stereotyped method, able to fit specific needs since no clients are the same.

Whether you are a small or big company, an individual or a team, with a little or big dream, we're always open to hearing ideas from enthusiastic people who share our values.

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people not just designers

We don’t like job titles. We prefer that it’s what we love to define who we are.

We love looking for emotions in nature and small details, wrapping us with beauty. We think the best way to do that is to help people express themselves through unedited creativity.

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Curiosity pushes us beyond boundaries, so
we never stop learning new skills and leaving
for new adventures whenever possible.